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My work is a dialectical process, informed by the apparent opposition of categories: matter and spirit, subject and object, nature and culture, art and architecture. My practice is interdisciplinary, my projects often site-specific, aimed at evoking a strong sense of place.

An esthetics of horizontality, transparency and repetition is probably instilled in me by the openness, flatness and artificiality of the Dutch landscape, a landscape in which the manmade and the natural are seamlessly fused. It is also informed by a platonic notion of fundamental patterns, hidden behind the surface phenomenology of discrete and distinct objects, a notion consistent with contemporary scientific ideas regarding elementary particles and fields.

As an undergraduate student I started looking for ways to make my work more objective or general, less particular. I began using video footage of birds to generate a drawing esthetic that was determined in large part by the uncontrolled patterns of bird behavior. It is an artistic approach akin to scientific empiricism, enabling a dialogue with the perceived Other in nature.