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My work is a dialectical process, informed by the apparent opposition of categories: matter and spirit, subject and object, nature and culture. My practice is interdisciplinary, my projects often site-specific, aimed at evoking a strong sense of place.

As an undergraduate student I started looking for ways to make my work more objective. I began using video footage of birds to generate a drawing esthetic that was determined in large part by the uncontrolled patterns of bird behavior. It is an artistic approach akin to scientific empiricism, enabling a dialogue with a perceived Other in nature.

I am now chiefly concerned with the notion of decentralization. It seems to me that the paradigm of centralized power that has defined our world, arguably since the Bronze Age, is coming to an end. In the new era of decentralization, we will recognize technology as an extension of nature, the internet as an electrical mycelium with the potential of empowering humanity like never before. One of the great challenges ahead is to balance and redefine individuality and collectivity, private and public space.